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6 Course Bundle - Python Mastery Course Bundle
6 Course Bundle - Python Mastery Course Bundle

6 Course Bundle - Python Mastery Course Bundle

Product Description

What You Will Get:

  1. Course Completion Certificate from IT Expert Training for all the 6 courses.
  2. Access to our Facebook VIP group and get engaged with your peer python learners to clear your doubts with the trainer.
  3. Privilege access to our Bi-weekly/Monthly python Master Mind program. You will get access to live as well as recorded sessions.
  4. You will be getting a VIP privilege offers for all future python and IoT courses from our trainer.
  5. Join the Hybrid Learning Community, Interact with your trainer regularly to fix your doubts.

What you will Learn: It's a 6-course bundle, you will be learning from the start. Note: No Coding Knowledge Required. Start learning it from here..!!

Courses Covered in this package: ✅Getting Started with Python - Base Course – worth Rs.999 ✅Automation with Python – worth Rs.1999 ✅Web Development with Python – worth Rs.1999 ✅Computer Vision with Python – worth Rs.1999 ✅Software Development with Python – worth Rs.1999 ✅Getting Started with Machine Learning – worth Rs.1999 Course package worth - 10994 INR

we got you covered during this entire learning journey..!! Know about your trainer, who is having 9+ years in teaching experience and CEO of Altsense > Mr. Muhammed Ilyas

Course 1: Getting Started with Python

This is the base course for all and here is that start for your programming journey. we cover it from the basics. This course is meant for absolute beginners in programming or in python. No prior knowledge about any programming language.

Course 2: Automation with python

Python Programming is immensely getting popular and this course serves as a foundation and covers basic concepts of Python for beginners. So If you are a beginner in Python and want to explore carrier in Python Programming, You are most welcome to enroll in this course and take your skills to the next level. If you know Python already and just want to advance your skills, this course is an excellent source to refresh your Python knowledge quickly.

Course 3: Web Development with Python: This course has a complete overview of the web development using python programming, students will learn the concepts of

1.Flask Installation 2.Flask Web sever setup 3.Creating a Dynamic webpage contents 4.Calling External scripts 5.CSS & HTML Tags 6.Jinja Templating

Learn, practice, Explore more to become a python web developer

Course 4: Computer Vision with Python

We'll be exploring how to use Python and the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library to analyze image data.

The most popular platforms in the world are generating never before seen amounts of image and video data. Every 60 seconds users upload more than 300 hours of video to Youtube, Netflix subscribers stream over 80,000 hours of video, and Instagram users like over 2 million photos! Now more than ever its necessary for developers to gain the necessary skills to work with image and video data using computer vision.

As the fastest growing language in popularity, Python is well suited to leverage the power of existing computer vision libraries to learn from all this image and video data.

In this course, we'll teach you everything you need to know to become an expert in computer vision! This $20 billion dollar industry will be one of the most important job markets in the years to come.

Course 5: Software Development with Python

Many companies are looking for programmers to increase the efficiency of their business using information technology. But what these companies after are competent programmers. Those who can create software that solves their problem efficiently.

Creating good software takes more than just knowing the features of your programming language, but more importantly, how to use them to solve real-world problems.

In this course, you will learn, how to break down real-world requirements and implement them with function, class, and module. Python is very easy to learn as a programming language.

Course 6: Getting Started with Machine Learning

Machine Learning is giving a computer the ability to write its own rules or algorithms and learn about new things, on its own. In this course, we'll explore some basic machine learning concepts and load data to make predictions. And this course designed in such a way that you will learn all the concepts of machine learning right from basic to advanced levels.

Check out all the course info for more details Course Details

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