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Web Development with Python
Web Development with Python

Web Development with Python

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Hey..! Great Choice. Welcome to the Future of Learning. It's not a normal online course. It's more than that. Hybrid learning model which helps you to be progressive on this journey.

What You Will Get: 1. Course Completion Certificate from IT Expert Training. 2. Access to our Facebook VIP group and get engaged with your peer python learners to clear your doubts with the trainer. 3. Privilege access to our Bi-weekly/Monthly python Master Mind program. You will get access to live as well as recorded sessions. 4. You will be getting a VIP privilege offers for all future python and IoT courses from our trainer. 5. Join the Hybrid Learning Community, Interact with your trainer regularly to fix your doubts.

Course Description: This course has a complete overview of the web development using python programming, students will learn the concepts of

Flask Installation Flask Web sever setup Creating a Dynamic webpage contents Calling External scripts CSS & HTML Tags Jinja Templating Learn, practice, Explore more to become a python web developer.

Who this course is for: Students who eager to learn to code Start to generate new income streams Student Passionate about building websites Anyone who like to start freelance


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